1947 Packard

1947 Packard

Packard Clipper

"For 1946–1947 all Packards used Clipper bodies and the "Clipper" name."    


The smooth 356-cubic-inch (5,830 cc) straight eight of the One Sixty and One Eighty Clippers, featuring a 104-pound (47 kg), nine-main-bearing crankshaft and hydraulic valve lifters, was the most powerful engine in the industry through 1947, exceeding Cadillac's V8 by 15 horsepower.

It could deliver 70 miles per hour (110 km/h) in second gear overdrive and take the a 4,000-pound (1,800 kg) car to over 100 mph on Packard's Proving Grounds banked oval track.





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